Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cards for Friends

I've just realized that I haven't posted anything here
for a number of days now
over these past few days I have been creating some cards -
some for happy occasions and some for sad occasions too.
This first one I created for a friend, Glenda, whose
Mother-in -Law passed away at 103 within
days of Glenda's Birthday.
I thought that was too sad but she told me also
that her own mother died on her Birthday
a few years before this.


 This was a pretty hard call
but she loved her card when I handed it to her.
It is a nice feeling to see someone's sadness lift
even for a just a short time!

 This one was very difficult for me to create as a very dear, to me,
bloggey friend lost their husband recently and
I just wanted to rush to her to comfort her but living
on the opposite side of the world
made that just impossible
to do
falling short of handing her the biggest bunch of roses
I could gather from my garden I
created this Rose lover's card

in the hope of bringing a little special love to her broken heart!

But on the upside of all of this
I was asked to create a special Birthday card for another
bloggey friend, Nancy, for her daughter-in-law, Candy.


 Nancy sent me a few baby images


as well as one of her now
and the words "You must have been a beautiful baby" -
"Because Casey look at you now!".

 and this last card was for another friend of mine, Dottie,
whose darling mother is 93 years of age
and she wanted to send this to
New Zealand
Mother's Day coming up in May.

 This is Dottie's mother in the 1930's

 looking all dressed up in her fur coat
on her way down the street

 and as she has always loved flowers
there were several placed around her lovely image.
In between all of these card creations
there has been some other projects
in the pipeline
this is just a sneak peek at a new custom order lace book
in the making!

It really is such a beautiful vintage image of this
woman with roses draping from her hair
that it is a very pleasurable piece
of artwork for me to be engaged with at the moment.
I do hope that you are finding lots of joy and inspiration
in your life and/or in the projects you may be
involved with at the moment!
I just would like also to say "Thank you"
to everyone inc. new followers to my blog also
for the kindest comments left on my 
previous post about
creating a journal for a special friend.
I do hope that you all had a wonderful Easter break
and celebration with friends and/or family!
xox Suzy

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Fabric Lacebook/Journal Request for a Best Friend

There are sometimes in your life when you know you have been
gifted when asked to fulfill a wish for someone
whom you have never met
this was the case when a woman emailed me that her
best friend was dying of cancer
she wanted me to create a
special book as a surprise for her
 (knowing she was an admirer of my artwork) 
so that it would be
a place where they could share some precious thoughts
and memories.
I just call it "Journal for a Special Friend".

 Front Cover shown above.



Part of the spine

the journal closed with sari ribbons,

inside cover and first page,


second pages showing room for shared thoughts, pictures, etc.



 the pages continue as above
but you can see the order in which embellished images appear.



This shows the side view of all the pages included.


It holds three signatures


and view of the covered spine here

and, of course, I couldn't ignore the fact that these
two women are "best friends".
and also to acknowledge this I included the tag below for 
the woman who requested the commission

  and one for her very close friend also which will live in the journal.
(and, for some reason, when I was preparing this post
I couldn't separate these last two images and
my heart skipped a beat!!!).

I feel deeply honored that I was given the privilege of being
able to share in such a meaningful interaction
between these two women
whom wanted to express their immense love and gratitude
for the years of friendship that they have shared
have left together. 

I'm linking this post to Ivy and Elephants
"What's it Wednesday" 
with Patti and Paula so go and visit some lovely blogs there!

Every day is a precious day 
that we have the choice to make meaningful
and to show our appreciation for what matters in reality!

Thank you all for your visits and for taking the time
to leave a comment. It is so appreciated!

Love and hugs, Suzy xox

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vintage Mixed Media Cards

I would probably call this first Mixed Media card
a "Melange" with a Vintage flavour and with
a touch of "Australiana"

 as this one incorporates both a vintage themed printed paper napkin
and Australian subject in the dear little Blue Wren bird
also on a paper napkin.


 This next one has been created using many layers 
of fabrics and laces of different sorts

 This image was downloaded free
thanks to Julia at Cemerony
She shares some very beautiful images there
such as this one and many other
digitally altered ones that can be used in your projects

which lends itself to some beautiful layering
just as she has achieved in her image. 


If these appeal to you then they are both
available in my Etsy shop
with all the materials which have gone into the construction of
these two fabric, lace and stamped collages.
These have now made their way out of my shop!!!
I think it may soon be time to share some garden
images as we slowly merge from
Summer into Autumn
where I live!

Love and hugs to you all,

Saturday, March 21, 2015

French Themed Holy Cards

Just finished are two collaged cards
using a couple of French Holy Cards as my theme
for Easter.


 The first one above is the larger of the two
and translates as "Sheltered by the Cross"
(correct me if I am wrong!)

and this second one is
"Salvator Mundi" 
(Saviour of the World).

These cards would,  I feel sure, appeal
to anyone who loves French holy cards

 they can be viewed with all the details of my workings
and materials that I used
 in my Etsy shop.


Thank you always for visiting and the lovely
comments you inspire me with!

Have a lovely, restful, enjoyable and creative weekend
as you experience the coming of Spring bringing
the warmth of sunshine or the softness
felt in the changing of the light
as we head towards
Autumn here in Australia -
it makes you feel happy to be alive!

Warm hugs xox Suzy
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