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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm slowly on the way back but just can't make it to the Party!

Hello my dear blogger friends!
I was so hoping to join in the "Where Bloggers Create"
party with Karen this year 
as I am still in recovery mode from a bad injury
I feel like I've been in "fog land" for
several weeks now
and these images may convey that.

However, I have been wandering around my studio

and peeking around doors looking for some inspiration

 which will keep my heart on track

for when I am actually able to return

to my studio to

pick up from where I left off - such as
working with these vintage pieces
acquired from a museum.

These are a few images I keep in my mind

and in my view as a reminder of where my heart lies.

I trust you will enjoy these images and hope the
time for my return is coming that
little bit closer.

If you would like to my studio at the party last year then click on my side bar 
"Where Inspiration Happens"

Love and hugs to you all,
Suzy xox

Monday, June 16, 2014

Recovering Still!

Dear blogging friends -
Thank you for all of your supportive comments
and emails.
It seems that when one shouts loud enough in blogland
the echoes travel right around the world
the support just comes flowing! 
I really hope it will not be toooo long
before I can return and visit you all again
because I'm missing you all!
Recovery is slow and the healing takes time.

Thank you so very much!!!
from the bottom of my heart !
xox Suzy

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rest and Recovery

This is where you will find me for the time being
away from my Studio
mulling over new creative ideas
in our garden room

reading and recovering from an arm injury - yes

I've torn a muscle in my right arm
DH (the arm police) is keeping me very much longer
than arms length away from
the things I most love for a rest from creating
and visiting blogs
in the hope of healing without
medical intervention.

and I couldn't think of a more peaceful place to be.

So please come and stay a while, say hello and take in some 
of this beauty with me.

(from a recent Nature journal I have finished).

I surely hope it won't be too long before I can reconnect
with you all because I'm already missing the 
blogging experience,
your company
the ability to create.

Loving thoughts and thanks for visiting with me.

Suzy xox

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Layers and Layers of Collaged Lace and Doilies

Hello dear blogging friends!


Just before Easter I showed you an image of a new
Lace and Doily Throw I was starting to
Well I am happy to say that it is now finished!

I started with an antique cotton tablecloth which had been
edged in a some exquisite hand crocheted cotton
which I used for the base.

Everyone knows just how much I love these beautiful
doilies whether cut lace, Battenburg or hand crocheted
and I can't think of a more sumptious look
when they are all put together
layer upon layer

 butting up and overlapping each other

 to create a sea of beautiful patterns of lace

swirling around the cloth

in perfect harmony with each other.

When I arrived at a pleasing effect to the eye
I started on another journey of layering the assembled
top to a prepared base of batting under which
is yet another beautiful white damask
vintage linen tablecloth 
(which was almost the same size in this case)

and once all three layers were pinned I was
ready to start some machine quilting

up and down the layers and in and out of the looped
doilies and around and around I went.
The final step in the whole process was
to sew through all layers with a large 
number of pearl and white 
new and vintage buttons. 

The quilted underside looks a bit like this and

these beautiful roses form part of the amazing patterned
linen thread work of the cloth underneath.

These pieces are precious and highlight
the amazing handwork

(and machine work)

of these well preserved pieces of linen and cotton lace work.

This is my idea of some beautiful bliss
so I'm linking this post to
What's It Wednesday  at Ivy and Elephants with Patti
This piece of lace work could be used as a throw over 
a chair or couch, as a wall hanging or a centre 
cloth for table or bed.  
It really is a keep sake for someone and I am
considering putting it up for sale.
It measures 41" x 48" approx inc. the lace border.
If you are interested just email me

(I am happy to let you know that this new quilt has been sold
and is flying it's way to California!).

Some of you may remember this quilt above I posted about
a couple of years ago.  I think it has created
more interest than any other quilt
I have posted on my blog
I do hope this new work inspires many of you out there who love
 to create with lace and doilies to let
your heart run free! 
xox Suzy

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