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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Bunting in Shades of Grey

With my Christmas Cards almost completed and
many now even in the post 
I've moved on to creating
a Christmas bunting to be included as part of a
Christmas vignette which I will post next visit.

I decided this time I would create one 
(actually my first)

in shades of grey, white and brown

mostly incorporating images of the Madonna and Child -
the central theme of what Christmas means to me.

Giving it a rustic look

using a very course burlap as the background

I incorporated a variety of grey dyed vintage doilies
and embellishments all strung together
using a length of sari ribbon.


So when all of my blogging friends will be huddled
around their fires in the Northen Hemisphere
eating their Christmas pudding and looking out onto snow
we, living downunder, near the beautiful
beaches will be wearing our sun hats,
wading in the water
watching these magnificent large Pelicans

oh and there are a few Black Shags too!
(It looks as if they might be sharing a conversation!!!).

I feel very fortunate to be living on our farm
but only about 8 minutes to this beautiful coastal town
on the far south coast of Australia.

I'm linking this to Grey Dey Thursdey
over at Michelle's blog (Petite Michelle Louise)
and Fishtail Cottage with Tracie
where you will see some beautiful Christmas decorating.

Very shortly I will be picking a bucket full of these magnificent
Christmas Lillies from our garden for my Christmas
The fragrance is just to die for!!!

Wishing you much joy and peace during this Festive Season!

Warm hugs, 


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh such pretty photos. Love the bunting. And the weather looks perfect. A little envious, with -1 degrees, fluffy snow, that relocates with the winds we keep having.
Thanks for sharing your lovely creations.

Rhonda said...

Your bunting is absolutely stunning!
I adore your greys and your pelicans! Very beautiful town you live in! xo

Penny said...

Love the bunting and the lillies. We head over to Kangaroo Island on the 19th for a week, then family from Melbourne arrive just after New Year.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hello dearest Suzy, I adore the mix of rusty and lacey. Your color choices are just along my alley. I still love pure whites and creams but recently I enjoy geys a lot too. They look so gorgeous combined with shades of whites and browns.
Aren't pelicans just so so cute? You live in a beautiful area and the little town looks like a wonderful place to visit.
Have a great weekend, sweetie!
Big hugs and love,

Wendy said...

Oh Suzy, what lovely bunting! If this was mine I would hang it all year round it is so very pretty. Your bird photos are just wonderful and those two do look as though they are talking. It is 20 degrees here and so very cold tonight. May you and your family have a blessed and love filled holiday season this year.

May said...

I adore your bunting....the detail & beauty is amazing.... Love the photos.. the beach looks wonderful...Have a wonderful Happy Christmas & A Blessed 2014....Hugs May x x x

johala said...

Hello my dear!
I love Lillies, they are so wonderful flowers with a such parfum!
Funny! I had the same idea about garland, but I would like to make only hearts and not only for Christmas.
I can't imagine Christmas in summer!!!!! LOL
Hugs and kisses

Alicia said...


iris said...

très jolie banderole
chère Suzy
j'aime beaucoup
et ces beaux lys avec leur superbe parfum
moi je les achéte chez le fleuriste
bonne fin de semaine
edith (iris)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love the bunting, the colors are wonderful together.

Your weather looks lovely too.


Sandies' Patch said...

Scrumptious as always!
What a good idea to pick the lilies, over here we call them Madonna lilies, quite appropriate for you and your theme for christmas!

Lululiz said...

Aaah, what an exquisite Christmas garland! I love the serene, elegant colour scheme, the beautiful images, the gorgeous embellishments, but it is your amazing ability to put it all together in the most delightful way, which I admire so much. You never ever fail to produce something achingly beautiful.

Linda said...

Your bunting is really exquisite-just divine!!! I sure wish I'd be celebrating Christmas with the pelicans by the warm waters...we're expecting another round of snow and ice this weekend-ugh! Gorgeous pic of the lilies-I can just smell their wonderful perfume.

kathyinozarks said...

Suzy your bunting is so lovely, your work is always so beautiful
I loved the bird photos too-especially the one where they are conversing-lol
Merry Christmas Suzy-oh and I am have a Christmas Basket Giveway on my blog-hugs Kathy

Junibears said...

Your Bunting is so very beautiful! And I envy you those stunning lilies! have a great Christmas! xx

Dorthe said...

Hello sweetest dear Suzy,
such another beautiful post, which makes me snap the weather!!!
That banner of yours is amazingly beautiful,- the old images are so very lovely, and your hands adding laces ,and flowers makes it a stunning piece for your christmas decorations, so wonderful with the burlap behind.
And OH MY!! those Pelicans, talking to the Black Shags ,are some kind of another beauty, you surely have wonders I will never see here !!
Enjoy your weekend my dear friend,
Here no sun shines...only rain!
Sending you much love and hugs, ---be happy !!
Your Dorthe

maggiegracecreates said...

this is probably the prettiest bunting I've seen - beautiful

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Gorgeous Christmas bunting Suzy!
Each one is a little work of art.
Each piece of lace and image chosen carefully so they all tie in together.
The most beautiful Christmas decoration I've seen!

When we lived in Aussie we were fascinated by the pelicans. I've read there is a colony of them on an estuary in Northland - maybe they got lost in a storm!

Enjoy your last week before Christmas.
Shane XOX

Chris Gray said...

Love the bunting!

...makes a welcome change to the usual colour-scheme with naff snowmen/santas on!!

x C

Linda Calverley said...

I love the bunting, it is so unusual.

lynnesbowsandbelles said...

Dear Suzy
This isn't only for Christmas, this is art to be displayed for 12 months of the year as it would bring serenity to any room and shouldn't that be for every day of the year.
Absolutely adore the colours you used, they speak of elegance.

Cheryl said...

OH my goodness that bunting is so darn cute! I sure could use that tomorrow at a sale I am having at a holiday bazaar! I guess I'll have to make one myself! Where did you find those gray images to use? Love-love-loving it!!!!
big hugs,

Jayne said...

I absolutely love your bunting, your colour palette and choice of embellishment is just amazing. I look forward to seeing the vignette including those lilies. They are my favourite flowers but my hubby is allergic to the smell and has quite a severe reaction to them. Your pictures of the birds are just beautiful. No sunshine here, just cold dull and damp days! Jaynex

Terri said...

Hello Suzy,
Your bunting is very lovely! Oh my! Your creations always stir me. This one has such a fabulous color/texture combination! I love that you used the burlap as backing. And then choosing grey...brilliant! The Madonna and child theme is a very dear one. All in all it is a fine creation for Christmas!
Your Christmas lilies look amazing. I wish I could smell them : )
I am glad you are having such creative fun!

Astrid Maclean said...

Stunning Suzy, love your beautiful bunting!The imagery against all those beautiful background layers looks just gorgeous!

My family from down under arrived just today and they are freezing, even though we think it is quite mild right now. Christmas is so different in your part of the world, but the wonderful message behind it is the same, no matter where we live and your beautiful banner expresses that just perfectly!

Di said...

Oh my goodness how beautiful. I think we need a tutorial on this!! Much loveliness. Merry Christmas on the water. Di@Cottage-Wishes

Judy Ferguson said...

I think that Australia must be a beautiful place to live. Thought it was interesting that the Lilies you call Christmas Lilies are called Easter Lilies in my part of the world. Merry Christmas.

Sue Marrazzo said...

Such a great post...thanks for sharing( :

Ivy and Elephants said...

Suzy, the bunting is just fabulous! I love the color combination, and all the ribbon and lace embellishments are fantastic! I wish I had your skills. Gorgeous!

Wendy AppleApricot said...

Stunning bunting dear, beautiful in those rustic hues. And oh lol, that photo of the two birds having a chat :) The little one looks like "I'm not intimidated!" The flowers are gorgeous, how I long for Spring again to smell the yummy fragances... Wishing you a sweet Christmas season and sending hugs from happy Holland.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Trade your sunshine and water wading for what we've been getting! So nice to sit inside though and look at your pretty pictures.

Createology said...

Ahhh glorious gray is my very favorite calm color. It has such elegance just as your beautiful banner has. How very different your Christmas season is from ours here with snow and cold. I think the birds are discussing how they can acquire some of your snips of lace and ribbons and threads for their nests. Merry Christmas in your sun hat and beach attire dear...

Marlynne said...

Your Christmas bunting is yummy! Want to try one! Mine won't be nearly as lovely as yours but it will be fun to try anyway

Nook and Cranny said...

I love the bunting, so beautiful indeed. I really do love the burlap, rustic feel to it, course I am having a love affair with burlap and have been for many years now.
The lilies will be so stunning for your vignette, can't wait to see.
Happy Holidays to you.

Anni - My Creative Life said...

Dear Suzy, so glad you found my new blog, your bunting is so wonderful and I love your color choices and the beautiful images you have used, they fits perfectly for Christmas, beautiful photos of the pelicans and flowers.
Hugs Anni

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

I just adore your stunning bunting,dear Suzy.Here it is snowing and very cold.Sending much love,

sharon said...

Be still my heart! Your bunting is to die for, so gorgeous sweet Suzy! I am quite envious of your weather, although I don't know if I if I would know how to act if it was warm on Christmas! Have a beautiful holiday sweetest friend! Sending all my love.

Mom E. said...

Love your beautiful, your pelicans are so fun to look at and your lilies are gorgeous!
Happy Christmas to you!

Ornate Splendor said...

Wow, Suzie!! This banner is just scrumptious!! So incredibly beautiful & inspiring. Well done! Merry Christmas to you, Catherine

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